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she just slipped away-susurro by dholms she just slipped away-susurro by dholms
*don't trip guys. just recently got a decent scanner at home and i
thought i would upload some improved scans of a few of my pieces.*


the original scan of this was always so frustrating for me!
this one turned out alot better. so much so i decided to rename it
and may go groveling on my hands and knees to the very
wonderful and generous (am i laying it on thick enouch?? heh.)
susurro, whom allowed me to use her hauntingly beautiful
image, for further permission to submit for print.

other related pieces include:

my soul for you-spawn
she is going to kill me


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ussama Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
what medium is this?
dholms Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
it's a mixed medium.
(yeah. this is really late. i know.)
inks. prismacolor pencils. maybe some graphite.

shaneart Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007   Traditional Artist
Wow...what a dramatic painting, I love it!
chalice-divine Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is just good D:)
AmandaSpaid Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006  Professional General Artist
Jeez. I love your portraits--and combined with those textures they're just fantastic.
gramarye Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006
Lovely title. The design in the corner looks good. She's very lucky to have you paint her that way. Beautiful work.
dholms Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks G.
you're just too sweet to me.

Sh4down Featured By Owner May 20, 2005
aamzing,what kinda of water clors you use?
underObLiVioN Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2004
you've got so much good stuff..face rocks on this
blindjanus Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2003
wow.... i mean this is breathtaking.... you have such a gorgeus style!
dapejn Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2003
Fantastic art! +fav for me! :) (Smile)
memmin Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
Ugh.. you and your precious watercolors.. you kill me! It's just utterly amazing.. I loved the sketch and this is just mmm too lovely! I like the rusty organic colors.. the green and blues are a nice touch!
Ladies and Gentlemen, the amazing Big D! ::clapclapclapclap::
beyondlight Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2003   Digital Artist
:o (Eek) am I supposed to say something? yeah. ok. something. :p (Lick)
request: I WANT THIS AS A WALLPAPER! without white edge!
crackedmirror Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2003   Writer
gorgeus :) (Smile)
diabolic-r00t Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2003
I'm sure she isn't that wicked lookin' IRL. =D (Big Grin) grate wurk d00d.
nenina Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003
wow!!!!!!!! thta glance!!!!!!! Aww
just wonderful Nod
u did a great work, man! Clap
cyphixation Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003



Dude, your water's are outstanding! i like the original sketch a lot, but damn man, this brings it alive and screaming....very, very nice. Got me all itchy to go buy some paints and paper myself.....'course that'd only result in my frustration over getting nowhere near 1/10000000th this good! DAMN YOU!

Heh :) (Smile) Seriously...i have not a clue how you do this so damn well, but i love it :) (Smile)
agarash Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003
Dammit man, I couldn't resist commenting on it again. It's just too fucking nice and smooth! :D (Big Grin)
TeriyakiStyle Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
this is great.. though I'd black out the canvas around it. . . maybe add something.... like curly lines over the surface or curly text.. idoknow.... gj..
stoneduck Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003
Those eyes..... they come across with such a haunting depth, her lips each time I view the emotion changes impatience,anger,mischief......
jen-r8r Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003   General Artist
i LOVE your watercolors so, so much!!! :D (Big Grin)

...outstanding piece!
spamgrowth Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003
you have such an awesome understanding of contrast.
the layers of water color give the eye so much to play with...
and the grain in the skin is like a soft welcome from the chaotic abyss.

you have a great talent.
sinnamongirl Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
the angle and the look in the eyes is so disturbing. the surrounding darkness compliments the expression really well, making this seem even more dark and depressing. i love the fact that the background isnt just flat colour but a strong variety of colours and shades as well as texture.

you seem to have a strong control over your medium and created the form in her face perfectly.

nice work =c))
fangedfem Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
Damn I love that watery flow......has a great haunted feel- I do love your watercolors! Okay okay....AND everything else you do =P (Razz)
artisticsnail Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
ooh, wow that's beautiful. you have such a great way of creating this dark, sombre moodiness in your pictures. you're awesome.
agarash Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
You and your watercolors.. jesus.


Now make me a portrait :D (Big Grin)
nemmy Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
incredibly bewitching colour tecnique. beautiful work. the borderwork is amazing. well done.
showna Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003  Professional Photographer
wow- looks amazing. Glad I added you to my watch :) (Smile) You came reccommened from *agarash
susurro Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
[exposed but smiling]

you are wonderful. thankyou

suprakarma Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
Great as usual. Was it a photo you edited or did you paint the face as well? In either case, impressive.
kliklodesh Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003   General Artist
beautiful! once again, I love your color choice
kida Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
How? How? :) (Smile) Ink, watercolor, fusain* ?

I like the stoke of orange on her nose and her cheek. A calculated messy stoke.

Very powerful... and creepy. I wonder how is it to wake up in the middle of the night and see her. brrrr.

* What the hell is fusain in english?
nebu Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful hun!! Love the textures and the eyes. The piece is so dark, almost mysterious. Love the raw edges too. Very well done. Clap
pupasoul Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing work! The eyes look so creepy...I love it.
silentkitty Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
WOW, this is beautiful. :o (Eek) It's still just as incredibly creepy as before, heehee. I just love your technique and how you left the edges "messy" like that.. it looks so much better that way than had you cropped it so it was neat, IMHO.

I know I said I'd give you constructive crits, but I honestly can't see anything about this piece that I'd fix or change at all. ;) (Wink) Awesome work.
ni9elives Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003
nice work
vespera Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2003  Hobbyist Writer
wow, I have to go back to school, but not before commenting on this! Great job!
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