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betty page-my first love by dholms betty page-my first love by dholms
i apologize to those of you who for some reason have me on your watchlist,...heh.
i'm gonna be doing some spring cleaning in my gallery in the coming weeks, i
thought i'd upload some 'loose ends', so to speak.

mmmmm,...betty. she may not have taken my virginity, but she was definately my
first love.
who took my innocence you ask? pft,...yeah right.
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ShannC Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012   Traditional Artist
love this!
littlekoalapants Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
Even though I would never be with a girl, I do have to say.. I've always had a soft spot for Betty Page... and Sharon Tate (:
bettiepageclub Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007
Amazing work! We would love to submit this, and any of the other related work in your gallery to the club. Please take the time to view our page's journal for guidelines to joining us, and submitting your work to be viewed by our numerous members.
eeron Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2006
:clap: beautiful work and nice idea. Love your shading. Excellent choice of pose for a pinup ledgend :nod:
LyinRyan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2005
Very nice! Betty's the best!!
Extravaganca Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2005
Beautiful :) I love your style.
greatzombiejesus Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2005
Ah Betty, it just doesn't get any better than that.
insecteye Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2005   Digital Artist
To reiterate what the others have said- beautiful technique, shading and anatomy. Very nice work.
I'll keep watching! :eye: har har.
silwena Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2004
Totally lov it!
I adore Betty.. she is magnificient! Your work also :p
stormclouds Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2004
Oh my god. The shading in this is so so so so ungodly amazing, and I love the way that you've drawn her face into it...beautiful work.
bettiepageclub Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2003
This beautiful! *favs* Would you like to Join the Bettie Page fanclub? bettiepageclub
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
wow! cool technique... i think this is the first time ive seen this particular pencil technique... (yah yah im ignorant.. -_-)

i think the anatomy is wondeful as well :> not sure about that hand though...
marionette Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
yay!!!!! Betty!!!!!!! so smooth! lovely shading!!!!!!! ^o^ she's so gorgeous!!!!! Drool ahhh you are amazing! and I love your new icon!!! yay!!!!!
illecebrosajane Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2003
:sigh: They really don't make women like that anymore...Even before that, nobody really compares. I love the expression/s on her face (both images).
memmin Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2003
Mmm gorgeous betty! What a woman!
And ahh what a beautiful piece.. I love the softness! It speaks so well of her.. those soft round curves mmmmm
::squeeze:: :D (Big Grin)
Really awesome! She just looks so... graspable.. Excellent! So lovely!
laya Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2003
This so-called "loose end" is a prime example of why your on my watch... how do you draw that it comes out looking so soft.... or what medium... or how much smudging ?!? :eyepoping: I just can't figure it out....
ka-os Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2003
bejebushchrist! None of these March 3rd's showed up in my devwatch. Not that I want to comment on your drivel but it would be nice to poke fun.

I really like this but I think I would like it more without the second face blended into her body. Very nice indeed.
diabolic-r00t Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2003
Your technique ... blah blah ..... great pencil ... blah blah ......... the bottom line is that I like it alot. Very haunting, as I'm sure is the memory. Wait .......... You _had_ innocence? ...0.Õ
teflonmonkey Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist

I think thats all i need to say!

Keep it up! Keep it Monkey!
temabina Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2003
it is so very beautiful...
looks like photo manip...
agarash Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2003
Hell man, I even payed your subscription, don't even think that I'm bothered by your presence on my devwatch. ;) (Wink)

Awesome drawing of a gorgeous woman (a bit old now, but well!) :D (Big Grin)
nebu Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful sketch hun. Sorry took me so long to comment, DA is giving me a hard time. I love the face in her hair. The human body isnt all that easy to sketch, but you have all her curves so nice and well...curvey..heh. Beautifully done hun Clap
jebus Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003
I added this to my fav cuse she's so hot and your very talented.
jebus Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003
Betty page is my ONLY love!

awsome job, very cool.
zoagan Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003
wow! cool pic! great detail!
fangedfem Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003
Beautiful! Ms Page is most definitely sezzy! I went as her (heh~ tried anyway ;) (Wink) --one halloween =D (Big Grin) As usual your drawing skills always leave me wishing I had some! Marvelous~
dapejn Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003
wow man, she's got a nice a*s, so well-drawn.. this really ownz. I love your art.
pupasoul Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow that is beautiful!
smartmonkeee Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
imma glad ur on mah watch,cuz u shur do pretti art.... yup,sirreeee bob... that wut i talk about down at the feedbarn. hehe

yo holms... kickin sketch.... yo


damn split personalities coming out at the wrong time.... smacksmack, back i say!! lol


i love the shading on this and betty should own your soul!!! hehe
showna Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003  Professional Photographer
You're sorry that we have you on our watch?! *sigh* you do amazing art... :) (Smile)
nemmy Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003
amazing work....the image within the image is a bit spooky....but incredible.
getcarter Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2003   Photographer
very interesting technic, I really like - so donīt delete it!
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